Class ContainerResponseContextImpl

    • Method Detail

      • getStatus

        public int getStatus()
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        getStatus in interface
      • setStatus

        public void setStatus​(int code)
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        setStatus in interface
      • getStatusInfo

        public getStatusInfo()
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        getStatusInfo in interface
      • setStatusInfo

        public void setStatusInfo​( statusInfo)
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        setStatusInfo in interface
      • getEntityClass

        public Class<?> getEntityClass()
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        getEntityClass in interface
      • getEntityType

        public Type getEntityType()
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        getEntityType in interface
      • setEntity

        public void setEntity​(Object entity)
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        setEntity in interface
      • setEntity

        public void setEntity​(Object entity,
                              Annotation[] annotations,
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        setEntity in interface
      • getHeaders

        public<String,​Object> getHeaders()
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        getHeaders in interface
      • getAllowedMethods

        public Set<String> getAllowedMethods()
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        getAllowedMethods in interface
      • getDate

        public Date getDate()
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        getDate in interface
      • getLanguage

        public Locale getLanguage()
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        getLanguage in interface
      • getLength

        public int getLength()
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        getLength in interface
      • getMediaType

        public getMediaType()
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        getMediaType in interface
      • getCookies

        public Map<String,​> getCookies()
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        getCookies in interface
      • getEntityTag

        public getEntityTag()
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        getEntityTag in interface
      • getLastModified

        public Date getLastModified()
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        getLastModified in interface
      • getLocation

        public URI getLocation()
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        getLocation in interface
      • getLinks

        public Set<> getLinks()
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        getLinks in interface
      • hasLink

        public boolean hasLink​(String relation)
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        hasLink in interface
      • getLink

        public getLink​(String relation)
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        getLink in interface
      • getLinkBuilder

        public getLinkBuilder​(String relation)
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        getLinkBuilder in interface
      • hasEntity

        public boolean hasEntity()
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        hasEntity in interface
      • getEntity

        public Object getEntity()
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        getEntity in interface
      • getEntityStream

        public OutputStream getEntityStream()
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        getEntityStream in interface
      • setEntityStream

        public void setEntityStream​(OutputStream entityStream)
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        setEntityStream in interface
      • getEntityAnnotations

        public Annotation[] getEntityAnnotations()
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        getEntityAnnotations in interface
      • getStringHeaders

        public<String,​String> getStringHeaders()
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        getStringHeaders in interface
      • getHeaderString

        public String getHeaderString​(String name)
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        getHeaderString in interface
      • resume

        public void resume​(Throwable t)
        Description copied from interface: SuspendableContainerResponseContext
        Aborts the current response with the given exception. This behaves as if the request filter threw this exception synchronously, which means that the exception will not be mapped by exception mappers, the response filters will stop running, and the async response callbacks will be called with this exception.
        Specified by:
        resume in interface SuspendableContainerResponseContext
        t - the exception to send back to the client, as an internal server error.