Class AppService

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    public class AppService
    extends AppCommonAttributes

    Per RFC 5023:

     The root of a Service Document is the "app:service" element.
     The app:service element is the container for service information
     associated with one or more Workspaces.  An app:service element MUST
     contain one or more app:workspace elements.
     namespace app = ""
     start = appService
     appService =
        element app:service {
           ( appWorkspace+
             & extensionElement* )
     For authoring to commence, a client needs to discover the
     capabilities and locations of the available Collections.  Service
     Documents are designed to support this discovery process.
     How Service Documents are discovered is not defined in this
     Service Documents are identified with the "application/atomsvc+xml"
     media type
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    Kurt Stam
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        public AppService()