Interface HttpRequest

    • Method Detail

      • getHttpHeaders getHttpHeaders()
      • getMutableHeaders<String,​String> getMutableHeaders()
      • setInputStream

        void setInputStream​(InputStream stream)
        If you are using a servlet container, this will *NOT* override the HttpServletRequest.getInputStream(). It will only override it for the resteasy HttpRequest
        stream - input stream
      • getUri getUri()
        This method *MUST* always return the same instance.
        uri info
      • getHttpMethod

        String getHttpMethod()
      • setHttpMethod

        void setHttpMethod​(String method)
      • getFormParameters<String,​String> getFormParameters()
        application/x-www-form-urlencoded parameters

        This is here because @FormParam needs it and for when there are servlet filters that eat up the input stream

        null if no parameters, this is encoded map
      • getDecodedFormParameters<String,​String> getDecodedFormParameters()
      • getFormEntityParts

        default List<> getFormEntityParts()
        Returns for entity parts for a multipart/form-data request.
        the entity parts or an empty list
      • getFormEntityPart

        default Optional<> getFormEntityPart​(String name)
        Returns the optional entity part for a multipart/form-data request.
        name - the name of the entity part
        an optional entity part for the name
      • formParametersRead

        boolean formParametersRead()
        Were form parameters read before marshalling to body?
      • getAttribute

        Object getAttribute​(String attribute)
        Map of contextual data. Similar to HttpServletRequest attributes
        attribute - attribute name
      • setAttribute

        void setAttribute​(String name,
                          Object value)
      • removeAttribute

        void removeAttribute​(String name)
      • isInitial

        boolean isInitial()
      • forward

        void forward​(String path)
      • wasForwarded

        boolean wasForwarded()
      • getRemoteAddress

        String getRemoteAddress()
        Returns the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the client or last proxy that sent the request.
        a String containing the IP address of the client that sent the request
      • getRemoteHost

        String getRemoteHost()
        Returns the fully qualified name of the client or the last proxy that sent the request. If the engine cannot or chooses not to resolve the hostname (to improve performance), this method returns the dotted-string form of the IP address.
        a String containing the fully qualified name of the client