Class TimeoutUtil

  • public class TimeoutUtil
    extends Object
    This class is copied from shared module of wildfly-core testsuite.

    Adjusts default timeouts according to the system property.

    All tests influenced by machine slowness should employ this util.

    Ondrej Zizka, Radoslav Husar, Jan Lanik
    • Constructor Detail

      • TimeoutUtil

        public TimeoutUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • adjust

        public static int adjust​(int amount)
        Adjusts timeout for operations.
        given timeout adjusted by ratio from system property "ts.timeout.factor"
      • getFactor

        public static double getFactor()
        Get timeout factor to multiply by.
        double factor value
      • getRawFactor

        public static int getRawFactor()
        Get raw timeout factor.
        value of parsed system property "ts.timeout.factor"