Class VariantQuality

  • public class VariantQuality
    extends Object
    A individual variant quality bean for the RVSA (Remote Variant Selection Algorithm).
    Pascal S. de Kloe
    See Also:
    "RFC 2296"
    • Constructor Detail

      • VariantQuality

        public VariantQuality()
    • Method Detail

      • setMediaTypeQualityValue

        public void setMediaTypeQualityValue​(QualityValue value)
      • setCharacterSetQualityValue

        public void setCharacterSetQualityValue​(QualityValue value)
      • setEncodingQualityValue

        public void setEncodingQualityValue​(QualityValue value)
      • setLanguageQualityValue

        public void setLanguageQualityValue​(QualityValue value)
      • getRequestMediaType

        public getRequestMediaType()
      • setRequestMediaType

        public void setRequestMediaType​( requestMediaType)
      • getOverallQuality

        public BigDecimal getOverallQuality()
        the quality value between zero and one with five decimal places after the point.
        See Also:
        "3.3 Computing overall quality values"