Class Source

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    public class Source
    extends CommonAttributes

    Per RFC4287:

      If an atom:entry is copied from one feed into another feed, then the
      source atom:feed's metadata (all child elements of atom:feed other
      than the atom:entry elements) MAY be preserved within the copied
      entry by adding an atom:source child element, if it is not already
      present in the entry, and including some or all of the source feed's
      Metadata elements as the atom:source element's children.  Such
      metadata SHOULD be preserved if the source atom:feed contains any of
      the child elements atom:author, atom:contributor, atom:rights, or
      atom:category and those child elements are not present in the source
      atomSource =
         element atom:source {
             & atomCategory*
             & atomContributor*
             & atomGenerator?
             & atomIcon?
             & atomId?
             & atomLink*
             & atomLogo?
             & atomRights?
             & atomSubtitle?
             & atomTitle?
             & atomUpdated?
             & extensionElement*)
      The atom:source element is designed to allow the aggregation of
      entries from different feeds while retaining information about an
      entry's source feed.  For this reason, Atom Processors that are
      performing such aggregation SHOULD include at least the required
      feed-level Metadata elements (atom:id, atom:title, and atom:updated)
      in the atom:source element.
    $Revision: 1 $
    Bill Burke
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      • Source

        public Source()
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      • getContributors

        public List<Person> getContributors()
      • getId

        public URI getId()
      • setId

        public void setId​(URI id)
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • setTitle

        public void setTitle​(String title)
      • getUpdated

        public Date getUpdated()
      • setUpdated

        public void setUpdated​(Date updated)
      • getLinkByRel

        public Link getLinkByRel​(String name)
      • getLinks

        public List<Link> getLinks()
      • getGenerator

        public Generator getGenerator()
      • setGenerator

        public void setGenerator​(Generator generator)
      • getIcon

        public URI getIcon()
      • setIcon

        public void setIcon​(URI icon)
      • getLogo

        public URI getLogo()
      • setLogo

        public void setLogo​(URI logo)
      • getRights

        public String getRights()
      • setRights

        public void setRights​(String rights)
      • getSubtitle

        public String getSubtitle()
      • setSubtitle

        public void setSubtitle​(String subtitle)