Class LoggingSetupTask

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    public class LoggingSetupTask
    extends SnapshotServerSetupTask
    A setup task for configuring loggers for tests.
    James R. Perkins
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      • LoggingSetupTask

        public LoggingSetupTask()
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      • getConsoleHandlerName

        protected String getConsoleHandlerName()
        Determines the name of the console handler. If null is returned the console handler will not be changed.
        the console handler name or null to configure nothing
      • getLogLevels

        protected Map<String,​Set<String>> getLogLevels()
        A map where the key is the log level and the value is a collection of logger names. This map is used to create loggers. If the logger already exists it will be updated instead.
        a mapping of levels to loggers