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Chapter 42. Server-side Mock Framework

Although RESTEasy has an Embeddable Container, you may not be comfortable with the idea of starting and stopping a web server within unit tests. In reality, the embedded container starts in milliseconds. You might not like the idea of using Apache HTTP Client or java.net.URL to test your code. RESTEasy provides a mock framework so that you can invoke on your resource directly.

import org.jboss.resteasy.mock.*;

      Dispatcher dispatcher = MockDispatcherFactory.createDispatcher();

      POJOResourceFactory noDefaults = new POJOResourceFactory(LocatingResource.class);

         MockHttpRequest request = MockHttpRequest.get("/locating/basic");
         MockHttpResponse response = new MockHttpResponse();

         dispatcher.invoke(request, response);

         Assert.assertEquals(HttpServletResponse.SC_OK, response.getStatus());
         Assert.assertEquals("basic", response.getContentAsString());

See the RESTEasy Javadoc for all the ease-of-use methods associated with MockHttpRequest, and MockHttpResponse.