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6.2.2.  < a4j:keepAlive > available since 3.0.0

The <a4j:keepAlive> tag allows to keep a state of a bean between requests.

Table 6.29. a4j : keepAlive attributes

Attribute Name Description
ajaxOnly if true, bean value restored in ajax requests only.
beanName name of bean for EL-expressions.

Table 6.30. Tag identification parameters


To create the simplest variant on a page use the following syntax:


<a4j:keepAlive beanName = "testBean"/>

Note, that to be put into the request scope the pointed bean should be registered inside faces-config.xml file and marked with org.ajax4jsf.model.KeepAlive annotation. A bean instance in the request scope could also be saved directly through the declaration of @KeepAlive annotation inside the bean.

If a managed bean is declared with request scope in the configuration file with the help of <managed-bean-scope> tag then the life-time of this bean instance is valid only for the current request. Any attempts to make a reference to the bean instance after the request end will throw in Illegal Argument Exception by the server. To avoid these kinds of Exceptions component <a4j:keepAlive> is used to maintain the state of the whole bean object among subsequent request.


<a4j:keepAlive beanName = "#{myClass.testBean}"/>

The "beanName" attribute defines the request scope bean name you'd like to re-use. Note that this attribute must point to a legal JSF EL expression which resolves to a managed mean instance. For example for the above code the class definition may look like this one:

class MyClass{

    private TestBean testBean;
    // Getters and Setters for testBean.

The "ajaxOnly" attribute declares whether the value of the bean should be available during a non-Ajax request. If the value of this attribute is "true" a request scope bean keeps the same value during Ajax requests from the given page. If a non-Ajax request is sent from this page the bean is re-created as a regular request scope bean.

Vizit KeepAlive page at RichFaces Livedemo for examples of component usage and their sources.

Search the RichFaces Users forum for some additional information about usage of component.