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6.7.3.  < rich:dragListener > available since 3.1.0

The <rich:dragListener> is used as a nested tag with components like <rich:dragSupport> , <rich:tree> and <rich:treeNode> .

Attribute "type" defines the fully qualified Java class name for a listener. This class should implement org.richfaces.event.DropListener interface.

The typical variant of using:

<h:panelGrid id="dragPanel">
    <rich:dragSupport dragType="item">
        <rich:dragListener type="demo.ListenerBean"/>   
    <!--Some content to be dragged-->

Java bean source:

package demo;

import org.richfaces.event.DragEvent;
public class ListenerBean implements org.richfaces.event.DragListener{
    public void processDrag(DragEvent arg0){
        //Custom Developer Code