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RichFaces Photo Album Application Guide

Svetlana Mukhina

Gleb Galkin

Michael Sorokin

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1. Introduction
+2. Getting started
2.1. Environment Configuration
2.2. Installation
2.3. Running Functional(Selenium) Tests
2.4. Context Help
+3. Application Overview
+3.1. Page flows
+3.1.1. Page flows: implementation details Registering Navigation Between Pages
3.1.2. Data Model
+4. How it works
4.1. Used Components
4.2. Skinnability
+4.3. Navigation tree
4.3.1. Navigation tree for a guest
4.3.2. Navigation tree for a registered user
+4.4. Album View
4.4.1. Image Size Control with <rich:inputNumberSlider>
4.4.2. Slideshow
+4.5. Image View
4.5.1. Custom images scroller widget
4.6. Upload Images
4.7. Context Menus
4.8. ToolTips
4.9. User Input Data Validation
4.10. How the button is created and how it acts
4.11. The <a4j:status> component
4.12. Errors Reports