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Chapter 73. Introduction

The Seam Validation module aims at integrating Hibernate Validator, the reference implementation for the Bean Validation API (JSR 303), with CDI (JSR 299).

This integration falls into two main areas:


The Seam Validation module is based on version 4.2 or later of Hibernate Validator. As of March 2011 Hibernate Validator 4.2 is still in the works and no final release exists yet.

This means that - though unlikely - also changes to the API of the Seam Validation module might become necessary.

The Seam Validation module is therefore released as a technology preview with the Seam 3 release train, with a final version following soon. Nevertheless you should give it a try already today and see what the Seam Validation module and especially the automatic method validation feature can do for you. Please refer to the module home page for any news on Seam Validation.

The remainder of this reference guide covers the following topics: