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Chapter 81. Installation

The seam-wicket.jar should be placed in the web application library folder. If you are using Maven as your build tool, you can add the following dependency to your pom.xml file:



Replace ${seam-wicket-version} with the most recent or appropriate version of Seam for Apache Wicket.

As Wicket is normally used in a servlet (non-JavaEE) environment, you most likely will need to bootstrap the CDI container yourself. This is most easily accomplished using the Weld Servlet integration, described in the Weld Reference Guide.

You must extend org.jboss.seam.wicket.SeamApplication rather than org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.WebApplication. In addition:

If you can't extend SeamApplication, for example if you use an alternate Application superclass for which you do not control the source, you can duplicate the three steps SeamApplication takes, i.e. return a SeamWebRequestCycleProcessor NonContextual instance in newRequestCycleProcessor(), return a SeamRequestCycle instance in newRequestCycle(), and add a SeamComponentInstantiationListener with addComponentInstantiationListener().