Class QueryMetadataException

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    public class QueryMetadataException
    extends TeiidComponentException
    This exception is thrown when an error occurs while retrieving metadata from a query component metadata facade. TODO: this isn't really a component exception all of the time. missing entries in metadata are fine during resolving.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryMetadataException

        public QueryMetadataException()
        No-arg constructor required by Externalizable semantics.
      • QueryMetadataException

        public QueryMetadataException​(String message)
        Construct an instance with the message specified.
        message - A message describing the exception
      • QueryMetadataException

        public QueryMetadataException​(Throwable e,
                                      String message)
        Construct an instance from a message and an exception to chain to this one.
        message - A message describing the exception
        e - An exception to nest within this one