Class DQPConfiguration

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        public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_PROCESS_WORKERS
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        public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_SOURCE_ROWS
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        public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_ACTIVE_PLANS
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        public static final int DEFAULT_USER_REQUEST_SOURCE_CONCURRENCY
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        public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_STALENESS_SECONDS
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DQPConfiguration

        public DQPConfiguration()
    • Method Detail

      • getMaxActivePlans

        public int getMaxActivePlans()
      • setMaxActivePlans

        public void setMaxActivePlans​(int maxActivePlans)
      • getUserRequestSourceConcurrency

        public int getUserRequestSourceConcurrency()
      • setUserRequestSourceConcurrency

        public void setUserRequestSourceConcurrency​(int userRequestSourceConcurrency)
      • getMaxThreads

        public int getMaxThreads()
      • setMaxThreads

        public void setMaxThreads​(int maxThreads)
      • getTimeSliceInMilli

        public int getTimeSliceInMilli()
      • setTimeSliceInMilli

        public void setTimeSliceInMilli​(int timeSliceInMilli)
      • getMaxRowsFetchSize

        public int getMaxRowsFetchSize()
      • setMaxRowsFetchSize

        public void setMaxRowsFetchSize​(int maxRowsFetchSize)
      • getLobChunkSizeInKB

        public int getLobChunkSizeInKB()
      • setLobChunkSizeInKB

        public void setLobChunkSizeInKB​(int lobChunkSizeInKB)
      • getQueryThresholdInSecs

        public int getQueryThresholdInSecs()
      • getQueryThresholdInMilli

        public long getQueryThresholdInMilli()
      • setQueryThresholdInMilli

        public void setQueryThresholdInMilli​(long queryThreshold)
      • setQueryThresholdInSecs

        public void setQueryThresholdInSecs​(int queryThresholdInSecs)
      • isExceptionOnMaxSourceRows

        public boolean isExceptionOnMaxSourceRows()
        Throw exception if there are more rows in the result set than specified in the MaxSourceRows setting.
      • setExceptionOnMaxSourceRows

        public void setExceptionOnMaxSourceRows​(boolean exceptionOnMaxSourceRows)
      • getMaxSourceRows

        public int getMaxSourceRows()
        Maximum source set rows to fetch
      • setMaxSourceRows

        public void setMaxSourceRows​(int maxSourceRows)
      • setAuthorizationValidator

        public void setAuthorizationValidator​(AuthorizationValidator authorizationValidator)
      • isDetectingChangeEvents

        public boolean isDetectingChangeEvents()
      • setDetectingChangeEvents

        public void setDetectingChangeEvents​(boolean detectingChangeEvents)
      • setQueryTimeout

        public void setQueryTimeout​(long queryTimeout)
      • getQueryTimeout

        public long getQueryTimeout()
      • setPreParser

        public void setPreParser​(PreParser preParser)
      • getPreParser

        public PreParser getPreParser()
      • getProperties

        public Properties getProperties()
        Get the properties used to initialize the engine Options. Defaults to the System properties.
      • setProperties

        public void setProperties​(Properties properties)
        Set the properties used to initialize the engine Options
        properties -