Class AtomicRequestMessage

  • public class AtomicRequestMessage
    extends Object
    This class defines a request message for the Connector layer. This is uniquely identified by AtomicRequestID.
    • Method Detail

      • getMaxResultRows

        public int getMaxResultRows()
      • setMaxResultRows

        public void setMaxResultRows​(int maxRows)
      • isExceptionOnMaxRows

        public boolean isExceptionOnMaxRows()
      • setExceptionOnMaxRows

        public void setExceptionOnMaxRows​(boolean exceptionOnMaxRows)
      • getConnectorName

        public String getConnectorName()
      • setConnectorName

        public void setConnectorName​(String string)
      • getModelName

        public String getModelName()
      • setModelName

        public void setModelName​(String modelName)
      • setTransactionContext

        public void setTransactionContext​(TransactionContext context)
      • isSerial

        public boolean isSerial()
      • setSerial

        public void setSerial​(boolean serial)
      • isTransactional

        public boolean isTransactional()
      • getCommand

        public Command getCommand()
      • setCommand

        public void setCommand​(Command command)
      • getFetchSize

        public int getFetchSize()
      • setFetchSize

        public void setFetchSize​(int fetchSize)
      • getProcessingTimestamp

        public long getProcessingTimestamp()
        Get time that the request was assigned a unique ID by the server.
        timestamp in millis
      • supportsPartialResults

        public boolean supportsPartialResults()
      • setPartialResults

        public void setPartialResults​(boolean partial)
      • setRequestID

        public void setRequestID​(RequestID requestID)
      • getRequestID

        public RequestID getRequestID()
      • setWorkContext

        public void setWorkContext​(DQPWorkContext workContext)
      • setCommandContext

        public void setCommandContext​(CommandContext commandContext)
      • setBufferManager

        public void setBufferManager​(BufferManager bufferManager)
      • isCopyStreamingLobs

        public boolean isCopyStreamingLobs()
      • setCopyStreamingLobs

        public void setCopyStreamingLobs​(boolean copyStreamingLobs)