Class OAuth10CredentialImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • OAuth10CredentialImpl

        public OAuth10CredentialImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • getAuthorizationHeader

        public String getAuthorizationHeader​(String resourceURI,
                                             String httpMethod)
        Description copied from interface: OAuthCredential
        Get Authorization Header for the OAuth 1.0a & OAuth 2.0 specification
        Specified by:
        getAuthorizationHeader in interface OAuthCredential
        resourceURI - - protected resource that is being accessed
        httpMethod - - for ex: GET, PUT
        Authorization header for HTTP call.
      • getConsumerKey

        public String getConsumerKey()
      • setConsumerKey

        public void setConsumerKey​(String consumerKey)
      • getConsumerSecret

        public String getConsumerSecret()
      • setConsumerSecret

        public void setConsumerSecret​(String consumerSecret)
      • getAccessToken

        public String getAccessToken()
      • setAccessToken

        public void setAccessToken​(String accessToken)
      • getAccessSecret

        public String getAccessSecret()
      • setAccessSecret

        public void setAccessSecret​(String accessSecret)