Class Call

    • Method Detail

      • getReturnType

        public Class<?> getReturnType()
        Get the return type
        the return parameter type or null if not expecting a return value
      • setReturnType

        public void setReturnType​(Class<?> returnType)
      • getProcedureName

        public String getProcedureName()
      • setProcedureName

        public void setProcedureName​(String name)
      • setArguments

        public void setArguments​(List<Argument> parameters)
      • getResultSetColumnTypes

        public Class<?>[] getResultSetColumnTypes()
        the result set types or a zero length array if no result set is returned
      • isTableReference

        public boolean isTableReference()
      • setTableReference

        public void setTableReference​(boolean tableReference)