Class AggregateAttributes

    • Constructor Detail

      • AggregateAttributes

        public AggregateAttributes()
    • Method Detail

      • allowsOrderBy

        public boolean allowsOrderBy()
        true if the aggregate allows an order by clause
      • setAllowsOrderBy

        public void setAllowsOrderBy​(boolean allowsOrderBy)
      • isAnalytic

        public boolean isAnalytic()
        true if the aggregate can only be used as a windowed function
      • setAnalytic

        public void setAnalytic​(boolean analytic)
      • usesDistinctRows

        public boolean usesDistinctRows()
        True if the aggregate function specified without the distinct keyword effectively uses only distinct rows. For example min/max would return true and avg would return false.
      • setUsesDistinctRows

        public void setUsesDistinctRows​(boolean usesDistinctRows)
      • isDecomposable

        public boolean isDecomposable()
        true if the aggregate function may be decomposed as agg(agg(x)) for non-partitioned aggregate pushdown. This is only meaningful for single argument aggregate functions.
      • setDecomposable

        public void setDecomposable​(boolean decomposable)
      • allowsDistinct

        public boolean allowsDistinct()
        true if the aggregate function can use the DISTINCT keyword
      • setAllowsDistinct

        public void setAllowsDistinct​(boolean allowsDistinct)