Class InvalidFunctionItem

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    public class InvalidFunctionItem
    extends ValidatorFailure
    This is a specialized report item for reporting invalid function methods during function metadata validation. It is overrides ReportItem and adds an additional attribute with the method reference for the invalid method.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • InvalidFunctionItem

        public InvalidFunctionItem()
        Constructor for InvalidFunctionItem.
      • InvalidFunctionItem

        public InvalidFunctionItem​(FunctionMethod method,
                                   String message)
        Construct with invalid function object and exception.
        method - Invalid function method object
        message - Message describing invalid function
    • Method Detail

      • getMethod

        public FunctionMethod getMethod()
        Gets the method.
        Returns a FunctionMethod
      • setMethod

        public void setMethod​(FunctionMethod method)
        Sets the method.
        method - The method to set