Class QueryNode

  • public class QueryNode
    extends Object

    The QueryNode represents a virtual or temporary group in the modeler. QueryNodes may be nested to indicate data queries built from other virtual or temporary groups. The root node of a tree of QueryNode objects should be defining a virtual group. Leaves should be other physical or virtual groups. Internal nodes of the tree are temporary groups.

    A QueryNode must have a group name and a query. It may have a command (just used for convenient storage during conversion - this is not persisted).

    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryNode

        public QueryNode​(String query)
        Construct a query node with the required parameters.
        query - SQL query
    • Method Detail

      • getQuery

        public String getQuery()
        Get SQL query
        SQL query
      • setQuery

        public void setQuery​(String query)
        Set the SQL query
      • setCommand

        public void setCommand​(Command command)
        Set command - this is provided as a convenient place to cache this command during conversion.
        command - Command corresponding to query
      • getCommand

        public Command getCommand()
        Get command corresponding to query, may be null
        command Command corresponding to query
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Print plantree structure starting at this node
        toString in class Object
        String representing this node and all children under this node