Class CollectionTupleSource

    • Field Detail

      • UPDATE_ROW

        public static final List<Integer> UPDATE_ROW
    • Constructor Detail

      • CollectionTupleSource

        public CollectionTupleSource​(Iterator<? extends List<?>> tuples)
    • Method Detail

      • createUpdateCountTupleSource

        public static CollectionTupleSource createUpdateCountTupleSource​(int count)
      • createUpdateCountArrayTupleSource

        public static TupleSource createUpdateCountArrayTupleSource​(long count)
      • nextTuple

        public List<?> nextTuple()
        Description copied from interface: TupleSource
        Returns the next tuple
        Specified by:
        nextTuple in interface TupleSource
        the next tuple (a List object), or null if there are no more tuples.
      • closeSource

        public void closeSource()
        Description copied from interface: TupleSource
        Closes the Tuple Source.
        Specified by:
        closeSource in interface TupleSource