Class BufferServiceImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, BufferService

    public class BufferServiceImpl
    extends Object
    implements BufferService, Serializable
    Implements the BufferService. This implementation may use either an all-memory model (which is typically only for testing) or a mixed disk/memory model which requires use of a directory on the disk for file service access.
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • BufferServiceImpl

        public BufferServiceImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • start

        public void start()
      • stop

        public void stop()
      • setUseDisk

        public void setUseDisk​(boolean flag)
      • setDiskDirectory

        public void setDiskDirectory​(String dir)
      • setProcessorBatchSize

        public void setProcessorBatchSize​(int size)
      • setInlineLobs

        public void setInlineLobs​(boolean inlineLobs)
      • getBufferDirectory

        public File getBufferDirectory()
      • isUseDisk

        public boolean isUseDisk()
      • isInlineLobs

        public boolean isInlineLobs()
      • getProcessorBatchSize

        public int getProcessorBatchSize()
      • setMaxFileSize

        public void setMaxFileSize​(long maxFileSize)
      • getMaxFileSize

        public long getMaxFileSize()
      • setMaxOpenFiles

        public void setMaxOpenFiles​(int maxOpenFiles)
      • getMaxProcessingKb

        public int getMaxProcessingKb()
      • setMaxReservedHeapMb

        public void setMaxReservedHeapMb​(int maxReservedHeap)
      • getMaxReservedHeapMb

        public int getMaxReservedHeapMb()
      • setMaxProcessingKb

        public void setMaxProcessingKb​(int maxProcessingKb)
      • setMaxReserveKb

        public void setMaxReserveKb​(int maxReserveKb)
      • getMaxDiskBufferSpaceMb

        public long getMaxDiskBufferSpaceMb()
      • setMaxDiskBufferSpaceMb

        public void setMaxDiskBufferSpaceMb​(long maxBufferSpace)
      • setFixedMemoryBufferOffHeap

        public void setFixedMemoryBufferOffHeap​(boolean memoryBufferOffHeap)
      • setFixedMemoryBufferSpaceMb

        public void setFixedMemoryBufferSpaceMb​(int memoryBufferSpace)
      • setMaxStorageObjectSize

        public void setMaxStorageObjectSize​(int maxStorageObjectSize)
      • setMaxStorageObjectSizeKb

        public void setMaxStorageObjectSizeKb​(int maxStorageObjectSize)
      • getUsedDiskBufferSpaceMb

        public long getUsedDiskBufferSpaceMb()
      • getTotalOutOfDiskErrors

        public int getTotalOutOfDiskErrors()
      • getHeapBufferInUseKb

        public long getHeapBufferInUseKb()
      • getMemoryReservedByActivePlansKb

        public long getMemoryReservedByActivePlansKb()
      • getDiskReadCount

        public long getDiskReadCount()
      • getDiskWriteCount

        public long getDiskWriteCount()
      • getMemoryBufferUsedKb

        public long getMemoryBufferUsedKb()
      • getStorageReadCount

        public long getStorageReadCount()
      • getStorageWriteCount

        public long getStorageWriteCount()
      • getReadAttempts

        public long getReadAttempts()
      • getFixedMemoryBufferSpaceMb

        public int getFixedMemoryBufferSpaceMb()
      • getMaxStorageObjectSizeKb

        public int getMaxStorageObjectSizeKb()
      • isFixedMemoryBufferOffHeap

        public boolean isFixedMemoryBufferOffHeap()
      • isEncryptFiles

        public boolean isEncryptFiles()
      • setEncryptFiles

        public void setEncryptFiles​(boolean encryptFiles)
      • setBufferManager

        public void setBufferManager​(BufferManagerImpl bufferManager)
      • setVmMaxMemory

        public void setVmMaxMemory​(long vmMaxMemory)
      • setSessionService

        public void setSessionService​(SessionServiceImpl sessionService)