Class TemplateFunctionModifier

  • public class TemplateFunctionModifier
    extends FunctionModifier
    Modifier for cases where arguments need to be rearranged or new text needs to be added. E.g. new FunctionModifier() { public List<?> translate(Function function) { return Arrays.asList( "SDO_RELATE(", function.getParameters().get(0), ", ", function.getParameters().get(1), ", 'mask=touch')" ); } } new TemplateFunctionModifier("SDO_RELATE(", 0, ", ", 1, ", 'mask=touch')")
    • Constructor Detail

      • TemplateFunctionModifier

        public TemplateFunctionModifier​(Object... parts)
    • Method Detail

      • translate

        public List<?> translate​(Function function)
        Description copied from class: FunctionModifier
        Return a List of translated parts (LanguageObjects and Objects), or null if this FunctionModifier wishes to rely on the default translation of the conversion visitor.
        Specified by:
        translate in class FunctionModifier
        function - IFunction to be translated
        List of translated parts, or null