Class TranslatedCommand

  • public class TranslatedCommand
    extends Object
    This is a utility class used to translate an ICommand using a SQLConversionVisitor. The SQLConversionVisitor should not be invoked directly; this object will use it to translate the ICommand.
    • Method Detail

      • translateCommand

        public void translateCommand​(Command command)
                              throws TranslatorException
        The method to cause this object to do it's thing. This method should be called right after the constructor; afterward, all of the getter methods can be called to retrieve results.
        command - ICommand to be translated
      • getPreparedValues

        public List getPreparedValues()
        Return List of values to set on a prepared statement, if necessary.
        List of values to be set on a prepared statement
      • getSql

        public String getSql()
        Get String SQL of translated command.
        SQL of translated command
      • isPrepared

        public boolean isPrepared()
        Returns whether the statement is prepared.
        true if the statement is prepared