Class ObjectEncoder

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    public class ObjectEncoder
    An encoder which serializes a Java object into a message.

    Please note that the serialized form this encoder produces is not compatible with the standard ObjectInputStream. Please use ObjectDecoder or ObjectDecoderInputStream to ensure the interoperability with this encoder.

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      static class  ObjectEncoder.FailedWriteException  
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      Creates a new encoder with the estimated length of 512 bytes.
      ObjectEncoder​(int estimatedLength, boolean preferDirect)
      Creates a new encoder.
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      protected io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf allocateBuffer​( ctx, int estimatedSize, boolean preferDirect)  
      void write​( ctx, Object msg, promise)  
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      • ObjectEncoder

        public ObjectEncoder()
        Creates a new encoder with the estimated length of 512 bytes.
      • ObjectEncoder

        public ObjectEncoder​(int estimatedLength,
                             boolean preferDirect)
        Creates a new encoder.
        estimatedLength - the estimated byte length of the serialized form of an object. If the length of the serialized form exceeds this value, the internal buffer will be expanded automatically at the cost of memory bandwidth. If this value is too big, it will also waste memory bandwidth. To avoid unnecessary memory copy or allocation cost, please specify the properly estimated value.
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      • write

        public void write​( ctx,
                          Object msg,
                   throws Exception
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      • allocateBuffer

        protected io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf allocateBuffer​( ctx,
                                                         int estimatedSize,
                                                         boolean preferDirect)
                                                  throws Exception