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Teiid - Scalable Information Integration

Teiid Embedded Quick Start Example


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1. What is This Guide About?
1. Download
2. Learning about Virtual Databases (VDB)
2.1. What is a Virtual Database?
2.2. What is Teiid Embedded?
3. Example Explained
3.1. Portfolio Application Explained
3.2. Step-1: Create the Relational Database's schema and load the sample data
3.3. Step-2: Describe the CSV file and its contents
4. Using Teiid Designer to build a VDB
4.1. Download Teiid Designer
4.2. Building a VDB
5. Deployment
5.1. Stand-alone Application Deployment
6. Connecting to a VDB through JDBC
6.1. Stand-alone Java Application Deployment
6.2. Testing Your Teiid Embedded Deployment