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Chapter 1. Download

You need to download the binaries for Teiid . Note that there are three different artifacts are available for download.

  1. Teiid Source - contains all the source code for all modules

  2. Teiid Adminshell - contains the admin client binary code

  3. Teiid Kit - contains only required modules and their required 3rd party dependencies

For this Quick Start, download the Teiid Kit and extract this tar/zip file to a directory you can access.

In the expanded directory, you will find "client/teiid-${version}-client.jar", which is the main client binary jar file for Teiid, and the "lib" and "extension" directories containing binaries either directly or indirectly required to execute Teiid. Later sections describe installing these artifacts.


Teiid requires Java 6 to run.

Access to physical data sources such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase through Teiid relies upon the user supplying their own JDBC drivers in the deployment. Teiid has been tested extensively with DataDirect If you have access to these JDBC drivers, we recommend their use.