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Appendix A. Supported Data Sources

The matrix indicates for a given data source how a model can be created (Desginer Import Option) and how the data source is integrated (Translator) for data access.


The DDL Import option is an available option to build a source model for any data source. Its only indicated below when there's no specific importer created for that specific data source type.

Table A.1. Teiid Designer Supported Data Sources

Data SourceTranslator TypeDesigner Import Option
Apache DerbyJDBC - derbyJDBC Importer
FilesfileFile Importer
General JDBCJDBC - jdbc-simpleJDBC Importer
HDFS (Hadoop)hiveuse DDL importer or perform modeling manually
HSQLJDBC - hsqlJDBC Importer
H2JDBC - h2JDBC Importer
  • JDBC - ingres (Ingres 2006 or later)
  • JDBC - ingres93 (Ingres 9.3 or later)
JDBC Importer
IBM DB2JDBC - db2JDBC Importer
InformixJDBC - informixJDBC Importer
LDAP/ActiveDirectoryldapLDAP Importer
LoopBackJDBC - loopbackuse DDL importer or perform modeling manually
MetaMatrixJDBC - metamatrixJDBC Importer
ModeShape/JCRJDBC - modeshapeJDBC Importer
Mondrianolapuse DDL importer or perform modeling manually
MS AccessJDBC - accessJDBC Importer
MS ExcelJDBC - excel-odbcJDBC Importer
MS SQL ServerJDBC - sqlserverJDBC Importer
MySQLJDBC - mysql5 (mysql)JDBC Importer
NetezzaJDBC – netezzaJDBC Importer
OracleJDBC - oracleJDBC Importer
PostgreSQLJDBC - postgresqlJDBC Importer
Salesforce.comsalesforceSalesForce Importer
SAP GatewaywsFile Source (XML) Importer
SAP R/3ws 
SAP Services RegistrywsWSDL Importer
Sybase ASEJDBC - sybaseJDBC Importer
TeradataJDBC - teradataJDBC Importer
TeiidJDBC - teiidJDBC Importer
Web Services (SOAP/WSDL)wsWSDL or URL Importer
Web Services (Rest/OData)wsFile Source (XML) Importer