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JBoss ESB Tools User Guide

Tatyana Romanovich

Version: 1.3.1.GA

1. Introduction
1.1. What is ESB and JBoss ESB Tools?
1.2. Key Features of ESB Tools
2. Tasks
2.1. Creating a ESB Project
2.2. Using ESB Project Examples
2.3. Deploying a ESB Project
2.4. Creating a ESB File
2.5. Creating a ESB Action
2.6. Configuring ESB Runtime in Preferences
2.7. Using and Configuring SOA Platform
3. Reference
3.1. JBoss ESB Editor
3.1.1. Source View
3.1.2. Tree View
3.2. ESB Editor Features
3.2.1. ESB Syntax Validation
3.2.2. Support for XML Schema
3.2.3. Content Assist for ESB XML File
3.2.4. OpenOn for ESB XML File
3.2.5. Synchronized Source and Visual Editing
4. Summary
4.1. Other Relevant Resources on the Topic