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Hibernate Demos

  • Creating Console Configuration

    This movie shows how to create a console configuration for JPA; but it is the same steps needed for projects using hbm.xml or Hibernate Annotations stand alone

  • Edit and run HQL/JPA-QL queries

    It demonstrates how to use the HQL editor with code completion and dynamic sql preview and how to inspect the results

  • Criteria Editor in Action

    The demo explains how it be used for executing (almost) arbitrary java for quick manipulation/creation of persistent objects.

  • Java HQL Editing and Validation

    The demo movie shows how the HQL/JPA-QL code completion is also available inside the java editor; together with syntax checking of the query strings inside @NamedQuery and createQuery strings.

  • Reverse engineering and code generation

    The movie shows how to reverse engineer a database with Hibernate Tools. It also describes some of the customizability via reveng.xml and a custom reverse engineering class

  • hbm.xml Editing

    It shows editing of hbm.xml's, code completion of properties and table/columns.

VPE Demos

Seam Demos

Project Archives Demos

  • Archiving

    This screencast tells you how to create archives

RiftSaw Demos

  • BPEL business process

    This demo will show you how to use JBoss Tools to creatre a simple business process in BPEL and run it using the RiftSaw BPEL Engine.