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Arquillian Eclipse

Arquillian Eclipse

Arquillian Eclipse is a new JBoss Tools component that makes using Arquillian easier.

See Arquillian Eclipse.

Add/Remove Arquillian Support

The Arquillian support can be added/removed by right-clicking the project and selecting Configure>Add/Remove Arquillian support.

The project has to be a maven project. The Add Arquillian Support action adds the Arquillian nature to the project as well as the arquillian artifacts (bom, dependencies, required plugins, profiles ...) to the project's pom.xml. The Remove Arquillian Support removes the Arquillian nature, but doesn't change the project's pom.xml.

Related jira: JBIDE-6319

See screencast.

New Arquillian JUnit Test Case wizard

The wizard is based on the JUnit Test Case wizard, but adds the following to a created class:

  • @RunWith(Arquillian.class) annotation
  • the deployment method

The user can define the name of the deployment method, the name and order of the deployment, the type and name of the archive, add an empty beans.xml, available classes and resources to the deployment archive.

Related jira: JBIDE-6318

See screencast.

Generate Arquillian Deployment Method

The Generate Arquillian Deployment Method action has been added to the context menu of the Java editor and Eclipse views.

Related jira: JBIDE-8553

See screencast.

Hyperlink on Arquillian resources

The Arquillian Eclipse has ability to click through to resources specified as part of Shrinkwrap definition.

Related jira: JBIDE-6338

See screencast.

Run As Arquillian launch configuration

The Run As Arquillian launch configuration includes the following features:

  • is activated only if there is the org.jboss.arquillian.junit.Arquillian class
  • runs only Arquillian JUnit tests
  • checks if there is exactly one implementation of the org.jboss.arquillian.container.spi.client.container.DeployableContainer interface
  • includes the Arquillian tab that enables the user to check/change the Arquillian configuration properties, select maven profiles, review/start/stop WTP servers. The Arquillian configuration properties are added using declarations from the arquillian.xml, and the default values when instantiating the corresponding container configuration.


Related jira: JBIDE-10526

See screencast.

Arquillian Validator

The Arquillian Validator finds the following issues:

  • classes that are used in a test, but aren't included in the deployment
  • tests without any deployment method and/or any test method
  • resources that can't be found

Arquillian issues can be ignored, marked as a warning or as an error.
It is possible to add quick fixes (haven't been implemented yet) for some or all Arquillian issues.

Related jira: JBIDE-6568

See screencast.

Arquillia Cruiser

The Arquillian view (Arquillia Cruiser) shows Arquillian deployment archives.

Related jira: JBIDE-6662

See screencast.

Add Arquillian Profiles

Arquillian Profiles can be added by right-clicking the project and selecting Configure>Add Arquillian Profiles support.

See Issue 6 for more details.

See screencast.

Default VM arguments

Arquillian Eclipse enables adding default VM arguments to Arquillian/JUnit/TestNG launch configurations.

Related jira: JBIDE-13289

See screencast.