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Arquillian Dependencies

The Create Arquillian Deployment Method action scans for all, direct and indirect dependencies.
Those dependencies can be automatically added to the deployment using the Create Arquillian Deployment Method wizard.

Related jira: JBIDE-14525 JBIDE-14518

Refactor Arquillian validator

Now, the Arquillian validator uses AST to search for dependencies.
This way, performance are significantly improved because we don't have to create Arquillian archive(s) anymore.
Likewise, the Arquillian validator is implemented as an Eclipse builder instead of JDT compiler participant which improves its stability.

Related jiras: JBIDE-16324 JBIDE-16331

ShrinkWrap Archive name/type validation

The Arquillian validator checks if an archive name extension matches an archive type.

Related jiras: JBIDE-14780 JBIDE-14781 JBIDE-15657
See screencast

Add Arquillian support

The Add Arquillian Support dialog is significantly improved.
A user can decide if he wants to change the pom.xml file, which sections to change as well as which arquillian version to use.
There is also the pom.xml preview page.

Related jiras: JBIDE-14426 JBIDE-14428

Add missing type to deployment Quick Fix

Arquillian includes a new Quick Fix.

Related jiras: JBIDE-14528

Arquillia Cruiser View filtering

Arquillia Cruiser View contains a filter to filter active projects.

Related jiras: JBIDE-14524

Arquillia Cruiser View linking

Double-clicking an archive resource in the Arquillia Cruiser view opens the resource in the associatted Eclipse editor.

Related jiras: JBIDE-14522