JBoss AS Tools 1.0.0.CR1 What's New

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Server view

"Mini" JMX Console As part of the JBoss Server view there is now a JMX Console section which allows you to browse and use the JMX exposed beans on the server.

Server publish Status The server's publish status is now available in the JBoss Servers view, allowing you to see if changes are awaiting (Republish), are being updated (Publishing...) or are in-sync (Synchronized).

Server configuration

Temporary deploy location The temporary directory location used when copying files to the server are now set to a temporary location within JBoss AS. Previously it was set to the default WTP deploy location within Eclipse but that had issues if your JBoss AS and Eclipse workspace were on different file systems. If you continue to have such issues, you can now configure the temporary deploy location.

Improved default VM arguments for servers

Memory (especially permgen settings) and linux specific ipv6 VM arguments are now setup by default when server is created.


Incrementally deploy for EAR

Previous versions of JBoss AS Tools had various issues with incrementally (and full) deploy of nested EARs. All these issues are now fixed and EAR deployment is now as fast and functional as the War deployments.


JSF/EL exception linking

Exceptions related to JSF/EL are now possible to follow by clicking on the resource name in the exception messages

The linking is available in any java launch and the Stacktrace view