JBoss AS Tools 2.0.0.CR1 - New and Noteworthy

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Deploy in Workspace

All JBoss 4.x servers now default to deploying into Eclipse workspace preventing pollution off the default server deploy directory.

Existing servers will still deploy where they were configured to, but you can double click a server and adjust which mode of deployment you want: In Workspace, Default Server deploy or any custom directory you would wish.

The locations are added to the server via JMX thus it requires JMX to be enabled and if secured that you have specified username/password.

JBoss 5

JBoss 5 GA is now supported. Previous versions did not take into account the new common/lib in AS 5 which made some operations fail.


Server Log View

The Event Log was formerly embedded inside the Servers view; now it has its own view providing easier access and sorting.

New Servers View

Last release introduced the new Servers View as an additional beta view.

In this release we made it the default view.

The new view is built on Common Navigator Framework allowing extensions and is using label decorators instead of extra columns to make the UI more compact without loosing the vital information.

We have suggested to WTP that they incorporate a view based on this. You can provide feedback on this at bugs.eclipse.org and the related bugs.

Show In Additons

The Show In menu on AS servers now also include easy access to Server Log and MBean Explorer

Direct edit from Fileset's

Double clicking on a file from Servers fileset now opens up the editor automatically.