JBoss AS Tools 3.2.0.CR1 What's New

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SCP / SSH Server Deprecated

The SCP / SSH server was determined to not be the quality we were looking for in terms of feature completion. The normal server types and deploy-only servers had more features via the RSE extensions, and use of RSE is now encouraged for all your remote-system deployment needs.

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Remote Launch / Remote Stop fixed

Remote launch and remote stop previously were blocking jobs which made it difficult to use the workspace. They have been properly placed in the background and should no longer block other workspace activities.

Remote stop also did not function properly due to the remote shell exiting before the command was fully processed by the remote server. This also has been fixed.

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Logging changes

Some issues were not being logged in the Server Log View. If a remote file copy failed, the issue was not logged. If the start and stop of the remote deployment scanner failed, this also was not logged. Both issues should be fixed now.

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Server UI / Workflow Issues

The deploy-only server now has deploy folders duplicated on the first page of the server editor. This allows users to more quickly edit remote or local deployment folders without having to switch to the second page of the server editor. This is visible only when using RSE-enabled deploy only servers.

RSE options have also been added to the New Server Wizard so that users can quickly create an RSE server, instead of create a local server and then change it to RSE.

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JBoss Runtime detection

The JBoss Runtime Detection plugin simplifies creating Eclipse runtimes. Currently the user can find JBoss AS, Seam, Drools and jBPM runtime. It is also possible to add other runtime detectors using the org.jboss.tools.runtime.core.runtimeDetectors extension point.

The user can define runtime paths by selecting Window>Preferences>JBoss Tools>JBoss Tools Runtime Detection.

The user can enable separate runtimes.
When starting JBoss Tools in a new workspace, runtime paths are scanned for enabled runtimes and can be created by the user. Scanning can be done every time when starting Eclipse.

It is performed using the Search button.

The user selects runtimes he wants to create and clicks the OK button to create them.

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