JBoss AS Tools 3.2.0.M2 - New and Noteworthy

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Remote System Support

If your have Eclipse Remote System Explorer (RSE) installed, you will now be able to direct your server to publish to an RSE location. In the future, this will extend to starting and stopping your server as well. For now, starting and stopping automatically "succeed" with no actual action being taken when in RSE mode.

You can toggle between "Local" and "Remote System" deployment in the server editor.

You can set up additional hosts from the RSE View.

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Removal of Deprecated Items

The JBoss Servers View has finally been removed after it have been deprecated for over a year. Users should notice no functionality hit by using the official Server's view. The JBoss Tools Module Assembly page, which had been "bleeding edge" and not quite polished, has also been removed and its functionality can be found in the WTP Module Assembly Properties Page instead.

A side-effect of this is that you can now add filesets to projects other than JBoss Tools projects, such as EAR, WEB, and EJB projects

Servers View

Module Assembly