JBoss AS Tools 3.3.0.Beta1 What's New

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Customize application reload behavior

Users can now customize the reload behavior of their application server in a new setting in the server editor. Some users may have aggressive reload strategies during development, while others may prefer more conservative strategies, for example on larger applications that take longer to deploy. Whatever your development workflow strategy is, this new setting can help accomodate you.

module restart behavior screenshot

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Bind to All Ports

Server Tools now supports an option to bind your server to all ports. This usability improvement helps ensure that users don't have to hunt around to allow their application server to accept remote connections.

bind to all ports image

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Passwords stored in secure storage

For enhanced security, passwords are now stored in secured storage. Once every workspace restart, you will be asked to enter your secure storage username and password to access all securely-stored data, but that's a small price to pay for knowing your data is safe with us!

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Support for Gate-In Server

The Gate-In server should now start seamlessly without errors. This allows gate-in users to access the same development experience that other JBoss Application Server users have.

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Server Editor's Deployment Page has filtering!

The Deployment page of the server editor allows customizations on a per-module basis for deployment location, and other settings. In the past, some users needed the ability to customize deployment location before a module was added to the server. Unfortunately, this meant all possible modules in the workspace were listed in the table, leading it to be cluttered.

New filter options have been added to fix this situation. Users can now filter this view to showing all possible modules, showing all deployed modules, or filtering based on name.

deployment filter options

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