JBoss AS Tools 3.3.0.M2 What's New

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AS 6.1 Support

JBoss AS 6 support now includes 6.1 which adds the now required -Dlogging.configuration="/bin/logging.properties" argument to AS 6.1 launches.

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Dont execute startup/shutdown commands

You may now tell the server adapter not to start/stop the server when you start/stop the server adapter. This will allow you to deploy to a server that you dont want JBoss Tools to start and stop, i.e. for remote already running servers.

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Custom deploy folders for JBoss AS7

You can now use custom deploy folders when deploying to JBoss AS7.

Note: In M2 users must register the location at JBoss manually, in upcoming milestones we will do that registration automatically.

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AS7 Change of classpath container behaviour

In AS7, only the javax.* packages and jars are included in the classpath container. This is a change from previous AS versions, which put every jar in the distribution into the classpath container. Done to avoid classpath overload and conflicts; in the next milestones we will work on making that more smoth and added other libs as needed and requested by users.

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Browse filesytem on a remote server

When editing the settings of a server adapter, you could not choose the the server home and the deployment directories of a remote server. We fixed that and now allow you to reach the filesystem on a remote server if you have the server set to Remote System Deployment.

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