JBoss Eclipse BPEL Editor 1.1.0.M2 What's New

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BPEL Editor The following issues were fixed.
    JBIDE-6607 BPEL Editor can no longer edit text fields

    JBIDE-6609 Support for BPELInvoke action

    JBIDE-6613 Can't create ODE Deployment Descriptor

    JBIDE-6617 BPEL Editor can not deploy second version of process definition

    JBIDE-6697 Merge Eclipse BPEL project fixes into JBoss Tools BPEL component

    JBIDE-6784 BPEL Editor can not deploy second version of process definition

    JBIDE-6785 "Partner Link Type" Chooser will not open after deleting a resource WSDL from bpelContent folder

    JBIDE-6786 ODE deployment descriptor editor is unable to find associated port for partner link

    JBIDE-6736 "BPEL" eclipse perspective

    JBIDE-6766 Unable to create BPEL correlation property using a wizard

    JBIDE-6825 BPEL Validator throws NPE when saving an unrelated BPEL process

We have also begun merging the codebase at the eclipse BPEL project and contributing bug fixes and enhancements back to the open source community. The goal is to push the entire BPEL Designer code back upstream for general consumption.
BPEL Perspective A new Eclipse IDE Perspective has been added for BPEL development and deployment. See JBIDE-6736.


Namespaces Property Tab A new Property Sheet Tab has been added for the Process and Activities. This tab displays a list of all namespaces and namespace prefixes that are in-scope. Missing namespace prefixes can also be assigned here. See JBIDE-6765 for details.