JBoss Eclipse BPEL Editor 1.1.0.beta1 What's New

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BPEL Editor The following issues were fixed.
    JBIDE-6917 BPEL Editor does not start if extensionActivity is not defined

    JBIDE-6365 Prepare BPEL Editor for Tech Preview

    JBIDE-6472 NPE after every click on the JAX-WS Web Services node in Project Explorer view

Work has started on converting the deployment framework (including the model and deployment editor UI) into a "flexible" project. This will allow the selection of specific project folders and files for deployment to the runtime. This will also allow deployment to Tomcat/ODE as well as other BPEL runtimes for which deployment plug-ins are provided.

We are also doing nightly builds at the Eclipse BPEL project and maintaining parallel codelines there. The goal is to push the BPEL Designer back upstream for general consumption.