JBoss Eclipse BPEL Editor 1.1.0.beta2 What's New

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BPEL Editor The following issues were fixed.
    JBIDE-7724 BPEL Editor throws SWTException on startup because color registry is not initialized

    JBIDE-7620 Server view throws an NPE if process no longer exists in app server

    JBIDE-7526 "Unknown Marker ID" exception being thrown by editor on mousehover over error decorator

    JBIDE-7520 BPEL Editor crashes on startup if extension model is corrupt

    JBIDE-7504 NPE when create a eventhandler for a scope

    JBIDE-7497 Decoration icons for Error Markers do not show up on compound activities

    JBIDE-7486 BPELModuleContentProvider throws NPE if Servers view contains a deleted or closed module (project)

    JBIDE-7480 NPE when trying to add an activity to onAlarm branch in pick.

    JBIDE-7478 BPEL validator marks missing WSDL imports only as warnings.

    JBIDE-7477 ODE deployment descriptor editor is not closed when deploy.xml file is deleted.

    JBIDE-7254 [BPEL] Prevented recursive attempt to activate part ProjectExplorer while activating bpeleditor

    JBIDE-7250 NPE when changing size of a FLOW

    JBIDE-7165 BPEL Editor does not create WSDL as part of process creation wizard

    JBIDE-7116 BPEL Editor not seeing message structure when imported into WSDL

    JBIDE-7107 Problems when creating BPEL Correlation Set

    JBIDE-7028 New ODE deployment descriptor wizard should create deploy.xml file instead of bpel-deploy.xml

    JBIDE-6748 Enhance Assign Activity Initializer to support complex message types that include choice elements

    JBIDE-6661 Deploying BPEL process with dependent jars

    JBIDE-6170 BPEL source folder should not be hard-coded as "bpelContent"

    JBIDE-6016 Error markers are not removed after correcting BPEL

We are also doing nightly builds at the Eclipse BPEL project and maintaining parallel codelines there. The goal is to push the BPEL Designer back upstream for general consumption.

UI Changes

Correlation Set Dialogs The Correlation Set creation dialogs have been simplified. See JBIDE-7107 for details.