BrowserSim 4.1.0.Alpha2 What's New

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New Skins

BrowserSim got iPad and iPad Mini skins.

New iPad Skins

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We added the ability to easily take screenshots of BrowserSim. By default, they are stored in the user's home directory, but this can be changed via Menu > Preferences > Screenshots Location.

Screenshot Menu Items

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Now you can inspect your page's source with Weinre. It is available via Menu > Tools > Weinre.

Weinre is a debugger for web pages. It is similar to WebKit Web Inspector, but can run on devices with limited debug functionallity such as BrowserSim. To do this it requires a Weinre server to work. The default server for BrowserSim is You may change this setting in Menu > Preferences > Weinre.

Weinre with BrowserSim

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