CDI tools 3.2.0.M1 What's New

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CDI Annotation Type Wizards

There are now a handful of Wizards to easily create various CDI specific artifacts, such as Qualifier Annotation Type.

Qualifier Annotation Type Wizard:

1, 2,3,3

Hyperlinks (OpenOns)

OpenOn for Disposer/Producer methods

Producer and Disposer methods can now be navigate to via OpenOn.

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Project Validation

Validation for CDI Injection points

CDI Injection points where there are no or ambigious matching injections will now be validated and marked with Error or Warning based on users preference.

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Rename action for CDI @Named beans

CDI @Named beans now be renamed via refactoring and shows up when using Find References for EL Expressions.

Rename action is available from context menu on a @Named annotation in Java Source editor.

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