CDI tools 3.2.0.M2 What's New

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New Interceptor/Decorator Class Wizards

There are two new Wizards to easily create Interceptor and Decorators classes.

New Interceptor Class Wizard:

New Decorator Class Wizard:

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Hyperlinks (OpenOns)

OpenOn for Observers and Events

Observers and Events can now be navigated to via OpenOn.

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Project Validation

CDI definition error validation.

All the defenition errors described in JSR-299 Specification (more than 70 validation rules) are now validated.

Notice that the validator warning/error reference the section of the JSR-299 specification it relates to.

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CDI annotation types validation.

Now CDI tools validate targets for CDI Annotation Types such as Stereotype/Scope/Qualifier.

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CDI Validator Settings at Project level.

It's possible to enable/disable CDI validator at project level. See "Project->Properties->CDI Settings->Validator->Enable project specific settings".

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