CDI/Seam 3 tools 3.3.0.M1 What's New

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Seam 3

CDI extensions

Since this version CDI tools supports a bunch of Seam 3 CDI extensions. If your project has CDI support enabled (Project->Properties->CDI) and the project classpath contains corresponding Seam module then Seam 3 features will be enabled automatically.

Seam Solder

CDI tools now recognizes many Seam Solder annotations which should be taken into account by the related tools features such as validation, code completion, hyperlinks, refactoring, etc.

Here is a full list of Seam Solder annotations which is now supported by CDI tools:

  • @Veto
  • @Requires
  • @Exact
  • @MessageLogger
  • @MessageBundle
  • @DefaultBean
  • @Unwraps
  • @ServiceHandlerType
  • @FullyQualified
  • @Resource

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Seam Config

Also CDI tools supports Seam Config. Along with annotated beans you can define CDI beans using Seam Config XML and CDI Tools will use it metadata to provide related Code completion, validation, etc.

New Seam Config editor provides code completion (Ctrl+Space):

And OpenOns (Ctrl+Click):

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Passivating-scoped bean validation

Non-serializable passivating-scoped beans are now validated when it's possible. In case of this validation problem, a new quick fix is available:

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Quick Fix for ambiguous injection points

If no bean is eligible for injection to the injection point or there is an ambiguous injection then the injection point can be specified via Quick Fix menu.

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