CDI/Seam 3 tools 3.3.0.M4 What's New

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CDI (JSR-299)

Quick Fixes

New quick fixes for problems in beans.xml found by CDI validator are now available:

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All Assignable Beans dialog

The dialog for multiple hyperlinks for injection points has been improved. If there are a few assignable beans for the injection point then "Show All Assignable Beans..." menu is available when you Ctrl+Click on the injection.

Show All Assignable Beans... opens a dialog with all the beans which match the injection type and qualifiers.

It's possible to hide unavailable beans (shown by default). Show/hide menu is shown by default but can be hidden in dialog settings.

The beans can be filtered by name.

Other CDI hyperlinks (OpenOns) also have this new look and feel: Show All Generic Configuration Points", "Show CDI Events", "Show CDI Observer Methods"

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Open @Named Bean

New dialog "Open CDI Named Bean" is now available. Using this dialog you can open the resource which declares wanted EL bean name.

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CDI Extensions/Seam 3

Seam 3.1.0.Beta3

There are some major changes in Seam 3.1.0.Beta3 release which made it incompatible to previous Seam 3 releases. JBoss Tools 3.3.0.M4 will support the new Seam 3.1.0.Beta3/Beta4 along with older versions. If you want use the latest Seam release just make sure you have the proper JARs in the project class path.

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Seam config beans that reference abstract types or interfaces are now validated.

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Also there is one more built-in bean is now supported by JBoss Tools: @Inject Logger log;

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CDI Validator is now aware of @Inject @RestClient("...") injection points and doesn't threat it as unsatisfied dependencies since such beans are generated dynamically.

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Seam JMS

The following JMS resources are available for injection in Seam JMS module:

  • javax.jms.Connection
  • javax.jms.Session
  • javax.jms.Topic
  • javax.jms.Queue
  • javax.jms.TopicPublisher
  • javax.jms.QueueSender
  • javax.jms.TopicSubscriber
  • javax.jms.QueueReceiver
All of them are now supported by CDI Validator.

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