Deltacloud Development Tools 0.0.1.Beta2 What's New

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Deltacloud Tools A lot of work happened to improve user experience for Deltacloud tools. No spectacular new feature was added but a lot of detail improvements and bug fixes were achieved in Beta2.
Deltacloud Server We updated the tools to be able to work against the latest Deltacloud server. The tools currently work well against a Deltacloud server running version 0.0.9.

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New Connection / Edit Connection Wizard The connection wizard (that allows you to create new connections or edit existing ones) now shows errors and warnings in the title area, like most eclipse wizards do. It now also decorates fields if you enter bogus values.

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Cloud View We tried to stick to the usage patterns known in eclipse so that we better match the user expectations. We therefore added all relevant actions to the context menu and removed the local view menu.
You may now refresh the view, create new connections, launch instances, start and stop instances etc. right from your context menu. Furthermore we made sure that you may use the default key bindings for refresh (F5) and disconnect (delete).

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You now may select several entries in the cloud viewer and choose an action that shall be applied to all of them

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Deltacloud takes less time to start since we now only load data when the data shall be shown in the UI. Prior versions did initial data loads when starting up.

The views now refresh immediately as soon as you change any setting to a cloud connection. You don't need to refresh the views any more.

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We now report all errors in a user friendly manner.

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Beta1 unfortunately had a bug that made credentials mix up if you had several distinct connections to the same cloud. We fixed this for Beta2.

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Properties view The properties view had several small issues when it was up to reflect updated settings.

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Instance View / Image View There was an issue that prevented the Remote System Explorer to work with instances that run on EC2. This issue was fixed in Beta2.
We removed the local view menu and put all actions to the context menu so that it better matches what eclipse users may expect.
You can now select multiple instances and operate on them. The actions now behave exactly as they do in the cloud view.
We also changed the icons and now display instance states by icons instead of plain text.

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Launch instances on EC2 Deltacloud does unfortunately not report all images that are available in EC2. You may therefore not find your image in the appropriate lists (neither in the instance view nor in the cloud view). We work around this issue and allow you to type an image name in a free text field. We then check if that image's known to the client or available on EC2.

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