Deltacloud Development Tools 0.2.0.M1 What's New

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Deltacloud Tools

Work done We fixed a lot of bugs and provided slight improvements of the tooling. Furthermore we extracted the Deltacloud client component to its own bundle so that it may be used by any java project that wants to communicate with the Deltacloud REST API.

Cloud Connection

Content assist We added content assist to the fields in the cloud connection wizard. This will spare you from typing in many cases since you can now choose among prior entries and reuse them.

Filter instances, filter images

Bug fixes We fixed a lot of bugs that prevented filtering to be fully used in a reliable manner
Error decorations Filter fields must contain valid filtering expressions. Invalid entries are now shown by error decorations and messages in the dialog.

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Launch instance wizard

Error decorations, Content assist The second page in the wizard that allows you to launch an instance was enhanced UI-wise. It now offers content assist and error decorations like all the other forms in Deltacloud tools.

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Deltacloud client

In its own plugin We finally extracted the Deltacloud client to its own plugin. Since OSGI bundles are basically jar's on steroids there's nothing that would prevent classic java projects to use this client. Our client would allow them to interact with the Deltacloud REST API.

The code is pretty mature and well tested.

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