ESB tools 1.1.0.CR1 What's New

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Reference guide

There is now a reference guide for the ESB functionallity.


"Finger touch" now for ESB projects

The "Finger" touches descriptors dependent on project (i.e. web.xml for WAR, application.xml for EAR) and now it also touches jboss-esb.xml for ESB projects. This allows for a quick restart of just the project without having to restart server.

ESB classpath container

The classpath container for ESB projects is now configurable allowing you to more easily change ESB runtime for a project. Furthermore the classpath container now also allow modification of source and JavaDoc location.

"Run/Debug" a ESB project

The Run On and Debug On actions now work on ESB projects causing a (re)deploy for a user designated server.

"Missing runtime" warning

If server runtime does not contain ESB runtime jars the project wizard now shows a warning to inform the user that the required runtime functionallity.